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Order Canine Health Tests from ResearchBreeder.comComingSoon

ResearchBreeder.com is pleased to announce a new service for dog breeders.

Health tests for dogs can be ordered and recorded through ResearchBreeder.com. 

What Tests Can be Ordered

You can order virtually any test you desire. From hip dysplasia evaluations to unique thyroid tests to color traits, ResearchBreeder.com can help you get them done.

Costs of Canine Health Tests through ResearchBreeder.com

The costs of obtaining health tests through ResearchBreeder.com are less expensive than ordering directly from the laboratory.  You must be a breeder member of ResearchBreeder.com and membership is free.

Recording Fees

There are no recording fees for ResearchBreeder.com. There is no cost to the breeder for recording the results of health tests on our site. 

How is the Validity of the Data Insured?

ResearcBreeder.com has completely automated the testing procedures and eliminated the need for handling and mailing tests requests and results. The breeder orders health tests on the ResearchBreeder.com website. Veterinarians and laboratories must be registered with ResearchBreeder.com. The veterinarian forwards radiographs directly to ResearchBreeder.com or blood samples directly to the laboratory. Results are posted directly to ResearchBreeder.com and the breeder is never required to forward tests results to ResearchBreeder.com.

Costs of Recording Recording

There are NO recording fees to the breeder.  ResearchBreeder.com underwrites recording fees to promote breeder participation and to help improve breeding practices and reduce genetic disease.

Payments for Tests

All payments for obtaining test results are made at the time the request is made.  ResearchBreeder.com pays the laboratory or radiologist directly after the tests results are received electronically. 

Types of Payment

Credit cards and Paypal.  Credit card payments are done through PayPal using our payment email address, "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".  Checks are accepted with a $10.00 processing fee.