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Order Canine Health Related Tests On ResearchBreeder.com and Record Results for FREE!Order Health Tests

Do you need a thyroid, hip dysplasia, dna test, or register your dog in a dentition database?  You can do it and more today on ResearchBreeder.com. Do you want to keep all of your health test information on past litters? You can do it on ResearchBreeder.com and do it for free.

How Ordering and Filing of Health Tests are Done on ResearchBreeder.com

  1. Ordering health related tests is easy.  Here is how it works.
  2. Register as a breeder on ResearchBreeder.com (You only do this once and it is free and no annual fees.)  Once your membership is reviewed you will receive and email with your customer number.
  3. Log in to ResearchBreeder.com.
  4. You will see a menu item on the home page named "Breeders"
  5. Hover over "Breeders" and you will see a list of breeder options. Select "Order Health Tests".
  6. Select the test you would like done.
  7. Fill out the form associated with desired test. and click "Submit"
  8. You will be directed to the payment screen where you can pay for the results of the test. ResearchBreeder.com collects the fee and forwards it to the appropriate laboratory when the results are received. You can pay for the results fee by Credit card, debit card, wire transfer and even PayPal
  9. Once you make payment has been made you will receive an email which includes several items.
    1. Your Receipt
    2. Your Tracking Number for shipment.
    3. Instructions for the laboratory or veterinarian which you can print and forward to the lab in the shipment or take with you to your veterinarians office.
    4. A mailing label to be placed on the package used by the veterinarian drawing the blood for the test. ResearchBreeder.com has negotiated a much lower rate because of the large number of tests completed. The costs for mailing are included in your payment.
    5. In the case of draws, the laboratory will receive an email notification of a test being ordered. The notification will include a unique test ID number, the test type AND the tracking number of the expected package.
  10. Take your dog to your vet and have the draw or x-rays completed.
    1. If the test is based on a blood draw your veterinarian will place the mailing label provided you on the package.
    2. If the test is for dysplasia, elbows, etc. the veterinarian will take the x-rays, login to ResearchBreeder.com and upload the images.
  11. When the laboratory completes the testing they will login to ResearchBreeder.com and record the results.
    1. Once the results are recorded you will immediately be sent an email with the results of the test. You no longer have to wait for a letter. You know Immediately.
  12. If the tests requires the reading of x-rays, the radiologist will receive an email informing them x-rays are waiting to be read. Once the results are determined, the Radiologist will login to ResearcgBreeder.com and record the results.
    1. The results are not posted to the public unless you checked the "Release Results" selection on on the form you fill out and the rating is not a passing score.
    2. Passing results are always posted.
    3. You will receive email notification of the results immediately when the radiologist records them on ResearchBreeder.com.  NO MORE WAITING AND CHECKING ON THE INTERNET.  
    4. If the results do not receive a passing rating, ResearchBreeder.com will have the x-rays reviewed by our review board at no expense to you. 
  13. You are pleased and excited how easy ResearchBreeder.com made it for you!







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