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Order Health Tests for Animals from ResearchBreeder.com

Ordering of health tests on ResearchBreeder.com is done on line. Simply fill out the automated form and the process has begun.

The Test Process  for Health Tests on ResearchBreeder.com is Completely Automated

Fill out the test form and submit your test request.  As soon as you submit your test request you will receive an email verifying ResearchBreeder.com has received your request. You will find attached to your email the instructions to provide to your veterinarian.  You will also have attached the mailing label for your vet to use to mail the blood sample to the laboratory. In the event the tests require results from a radiologist the vet will simply upload the images to ResearchBreeder.com.

You take your dog or other animal to your vet to have the test completed. Your vet ships the sample to the laboratory using the label provided to you.

Analyzing the Tests

When the laboratory analyzes the sample and determines a result, the results are electronically forwarded to ResearchBreeder.com.

Results Availability

The instant the results are electronically received from the laboratory or the radiologist you will receive an email informing you of the results.

Posting Results

Passing results are always posted to the ResearchBreeder.com website.  Non-passing results are not posted unless you give documentastion of your desire to do so.