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Find Puppies for Breeds Beginning With the Letter "Q"

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Do Your Homework and Resarch the Genetic Diseases of Your Desired Breed Before Buying a Puppy

Know Canine Disease. Here is an example:

Pulmonic Stenosis: Pulmonic stenosis is a birth defect consisting of a narrowing in a region of the heart, the pulmonic valve (or adjacent area). A narrowing of the pulmonic valve increases the level of strain and workload on the chamber of the heart feeding into it, the right ventricle. Since normal blood flow requires heart valves to open fully for proper circulation, incomplete opening of the pulmonic valve (the hallmark of pulmonic stenosis) creates a "logjam" effect that disturbs blood flow and in the worst cases, may create life-threatening symptoms. In mild and moderate pulmonic stenosis, where there is a small or medium degree of narrowing, respectively, the outlook for an individual dog is usually good to excellent: few dogs experience problems due to their pulmonic stenosis if it is mild or moderate in degree. Dogs with severe pulmonic stenosis, however, may develop symptoms that become life-threatening in the future. Screening for pulmonic stenosis is done at an early age: 8 weeks onward. The degree of severity of pulmonic stenosis may worsen as a puppy reaches adulthood. Therefore, mild or moderate pulmonic stenosis in a puppy should be followed until the dog is 12 to 18 months of age in order to know the final degree of seriousness of the condition.


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