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Breeder Background Check

Here is what you get:

Breeding Misconceptions

Breeding History

The Breed Standard

  • What you need to know
  • How breeders mislead the buyer
  • What Breeder Credentials really mean
  • How long has the breeder been breeding
  • When was their first litter
  • How many breedings have they had
  • How many times has a dam been used for breedings
  • The criteria of what makes the most perfect dog for your breed
  • General description
  • Size, Coat, Colors
  • Movement, Temperament
  • Faults, Disqualifications to the Standard

Required Tests for the Breed

Documented Health Tests

Breeding Practice Observations

  • A lists of the tests ResearchBreeder.com believes should be done
  • What tests the breeder has done
  • Results of tests completed and recorded
  • The history of documented health clearances completed by this breeder
  • What is good about their breeding practices
  • What is bad about their breeding practices

Ethics Analysis and Score

Contract Analysis

Breed Survey

  • What is this breeder doing to demonstrate they are an ethical breeder
  • ResearchBreeder.com Ethics Score
  • Does the breeder contract meet our requirements
  • What you should require
  • What does the breeder guarantee
  • * Note: Not done for legality only for inclusions
  • Answers to Questions about your dog breed
  • submitted by breeders and owners

Our Sample Contract

Buyer Questionnaire

Final Conclusions

  • Educational
  • Compare to breeder contract
  • Make your own decision
  • * Note: Consult your own attorney for your state
  • What an ethical breeder wants to know about you
  • Questions you should ask your breeder
  • What is our overall impression
  • Would we buy a puppy from this breeder?
  • Why or why not?

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