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Welcome to Researchbreeder.com's Sample Background Check Page

See What a Background Check Looks Like

The sample Breeder Background Check below, "XYZ Pugs" will show you what is in a background check.  The report is approximately sixty (60) pages in length. There is a tremoundous amount of information and statistics included in this report sample.

Researchbreeder.com has changed the information related to the specific Kennel/Breeder which is the subject of this report.

This report is available to the public however actual reports are only available to the client.  All live reports require an "Unlock" code which is sent to the purchaser via email. In addition clients must be registered on the ResearchBreeder.com website to be able to view their reports.

As you look at our reports you will see "Stop Lights".  These stop lights give you a visual indication related to whether or not our expert reviewers believe the specific information helps or hurts the kennel/breeder's ability to obtain, "Ethical Breeder" status.

The goal of ResearchBreeder.com is to help the buyers of puppies to find healthy puppies from healthy parents that have had and passed all required health tests prior to being used in the breeding process and demonstrate highly ethical practices not only in their kennel but in their data management and marketing practices.

If you have any questions, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



ID Kennel Name
363 XYZ Pugs