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Purebred Dog Breeders and Owners Can Report Test Results for Free!

Now, purebred dog breeders and owners can record the genetic test results for dogs they own and do it for free.  Breeders and owners can save hundreds of dollars each year by being able to report test results and not have to incur charges by registrars for doing so.  ResearchBreeder.com has developed a way to allow breeders and owners to record test results themselves eliminating the need to send results to a registrar.

Here is How the Process Works for Recording Test Results.

1) The breeder must have a current, "Purebred Breeder" membership Owners must have a "Purebred Owner" membership with ResearchBreeder.com.

  • The membership cost is $25.00 per year.
  • Allows the breeder/owner to record an unlimited number of tests results
  • The breeder/owner must be listed on the dog registration

2) Breeder records litter information.

  • Virtually the same information used with AKC
  • The breeder may go back in time and enter any litters bred previous to the date of membership
  • Litter Registration is Free

3) Breeder enters registrations for puppies in registered litters.

  •  Virtually the same information as AKC
  • The breeder may go back in time and enter any puppies/dogs bred previous to the date of membership
  • Puppy registration is free.

4) Breeder/Owner enters health tests information including results.

  • Test Process
    • A list of required tests is included in the database for the specific breed.
    • Breeder/owner Orders Test
      • Takes dog to vet for draw OR Vet for radiographs OR specialist for examination.
      • Veterinarian forwards draw to laboratory chosen by the breeder.
      • Breeder/Owner receives test results from laboratory
    • Breeder/Owner Records Test Information and Results
      • Breeder/Owner.............
        • Edits the proper record for the dog tested
        • Indicates the specific test completed
        • Selects the Laboratory or other entity performing the tests
          • Name of Laboratory OR other specialist
          • Enters breeder customer number
          • Enters test number assigned by laboratory or Researchbreeder.com
          • Enters the test results
          • Verifies the test result by entering result a second time
        • Verification Image Upload
          • Breeder/Owner takes a "JPG" image of test results from laboratory
          • Breeder/Owner uploads the image associated with the test performed.

5) Breeder/Owner Assignment of Test Results Release

  • Breeder/Owner Authorizes ResearchBreeder.com to verify test results with laboratory.
  • ResearchBreeder.com randomly selects recorded test results and verifies the results with the laboratory.

6) Recording Results of Tests Completed Prior to Membership Date

  • Breeders/Owners may enter dogs and test results for those dogs owned or bred by the breeder prior to their membership date.
  • Litter registration information is required
  • Breeder/Owner may use a screenshot in JPG format from OFA.org as verification of test results. 


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