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There are Multiple Catagories Listed Below

Breed Standards

A breed standard (also called bench standard or the standard) in the dog fancy is a set of guidelines covering specific externally observable qualities such as appearance, movement, and temperament for that dog breed. Breed standards are not scientific documents, but are written for each breed by clubs of hobbyists called breed clubs for their own specific requirements. Details and definitions within breed standards for a specific dog breed may vary from breed club to breed club and from country to country. Dog breed standards are similar in form and function to breed standards for other domesticated animals.

Breed Genetic Health Tests

There are over 200 dog breeds. Each breed has different required tests to assist in the determination of whether or not a specific dog has any negative genetic issues. BreederResearch.com has developed a grading system to enable the comparison of these characteristics not only from one dog to another, but one litter to another, one breeder to another and one breed to another.


Information included in this database includes, Disease or Disorder Name, Description, How Transferred, What to look for, How the condition is transferred, Treatment, Veterinary Information, Breeding Concerns, and a list of the breeds known to be affected. This is an invaluable tool to assist breeders in their breeding programs and the public to help determine possible diagnosis of their dogs.