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CertifiedreederResearchBreeder.com is really all about dog breeding.  It begins with responsible breeding. There are many responsible breeders in all dog breeds around the world. ResearchBreeder.com wants to do all it can to assist breeders by providing products and beneficial information. 




Information for Breeders

Health Tests Required and More

Many Benefits to Breeders Joining and it is Free

 Health Tests for the Sire and Dam (REQUIRED)

NOTE: Not all breeders have done this in the past but it is the future that counts.  As long as you agree to start this practice as of your date of membership you will receive the Certified Breeder status.  ResearchBreeder.com monitors all litters before and after the date of membership.  Failure to adhere to this police will revoke your membership.

Each breed has a list of recommended tests for the breed.  These tests are not only recommended by many organizations, They are REQUIRED by ResearchBreeder.com. People and families looking for puppies for sale have the right to know all possible tests have been completed by the breeder on the dogs used in the breeding process. 

Record all Tests Prior to Breeding (REQUIRED)

Just doing a test isn't enough. The test results should be recorded with a nationally recognized organization like the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

Have Ethical Breeder Oath on File with ResearchBreeder.com (REQUIRED)

Filing the "Ethical Breeders Oath" with ResearchBreeder.com or with other approved organizations which have adopted the same requirements as stated herein.

Products Available to Breeders

10 Generation Health Test Pedigree

Under Development

This pedigree will list all dogs in the pedigree for which there are tests on file, and the results of those test.  It also includes a summary by test and results. This report will alert the breeder of possible genetic considerstions of importance.  The breeder can easily determine if genetic consideration of a specific breeding will or not be a a severe enough consideration to decide not to breed the two dogs.

10 Generation Coefficient of Inbreeding Pedigree

Under Development

This pedigree will analyzes the genealogy of a possible breeding to assist the breeder in the sire and dam selection process. There are characteristics in bloodlines which create specific traits which breeders may or may not want in their breeding program. For example, a blood line of a kennel may, over time, predispose traits like "Gay Tail", or "Aggression". Because these traits should be considered in specific breeds, breeders would normally want to avoid breedings where there are high risks of the traits being passed on to a new generation.

Website Development

Best ethical breeding practices includes how breeders promote themselves on the internet.  Website development is expensive in most cases but not when you are doing all you can to follow ethical breeding practices. ResearchBreeder.com has dramatically reduced website development costs in an effort to promote the use of ethical breeding practices. Costs include no upfront cost for development and monthly maintenance fees as small as $10.00 including web hosting.

Approved Breeder Advertising

ResearchBreeder.com is creating a list of our recommended ethical breeders.  The primary requirement to be listed is the agreement of the breeder to only breed dogs which have documented health certification complete with certification numbers prior to use in breeding. In addition, breeders in this list have the opportunity to be ranked higher on the list by including specific practices in their breeding programs. These practices include such items as easy as having a page on their website titled, "Ethical Breeding Practices".  

Free Puppy Advertising

Breeders on the ResearchBreeder.com Ethical Breeder List will be able to have puppies and upcoming breedings advertised, free of charge, to ResearchBreeder.com clients.  Clients will automatically receive a list of breeders in the desired breed which have litters on the ground as well as upcoming breedings they should consider.

Free Database Usage

Being a member breeder of the AKC as well as national breed clubs requires breeders to maintain current and accurate breeding records related to their kennel. The AKC and national breed clubs have the right to inspect your breeding records. ResearchBreeder.com has created a database including all necessary data to meet all requirements of the AKC and breed clubs. Only you, the breeder has access to your data. ResearchBreeder.com utilizes the highest levels of security to protect your data.  In addition, ResearchBreeder.com will add any additional information you might like in your database.