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Get your Certified Breeder Certification

Simply do the genetic testing before you breed.

The past is the past. Look to the future. Each breed has a list of recommended tests. Breeders can record test results at ResearchBreeder.com for free. Record as many tests on as many dogs as you want. ResearchBreeder.com underwrites the costs to help you save money in the breeding process.


We also reccomend the practices below.

Have a Website

A website is a practical and inexpensive way to reach out and educated your readers about your philosophy and ethical practices.

Have a Sample Contract on the Website

A contract on the breeder’s website affords the potential purchaser of a puppy the time to contemplate not only what they can expect from a breeder but their responsibility to care and protect the puppy they purchase.

Have a Buyer’s Questionnaire on the Website

Having the breeder’s Buyer Questionnaire on the website further educates on the expectation of the breeder to help insure a happy and healthy life for the puppy entrusted to the potential purchaser.

Require Purchasers to Do Health Tests

If a purchaser agrees in writing to do what they can to help insure the future of the breed, they are more likely to have the tests done. There may be little can be done to insure buyers will follow through but this practice is better than not following it.

Allow Dogs to be Returned for Any Reason

“My word is my bond”. If you say you will take a dog back then put it in writing. and do it for any reason.

Require a First Right of Refusal in Purchase Contracts

Include a "First Right of Refusal" in all contracts requiring if for any reason the purchaser of the dog decides the dog is no longer wanted, the breeder must notified  and be offered the ownership back to you the breeder.

Breeding Show Stock without Clearances in Purchase Contracts

Require purchasers of show stock dogs to agree to not breed dogs without required breed tests being completed and results filed prior to breeding.

Allow Kennel Visits

Allowing prospective purchasers or a designated person to visit your kennel. This should be posted on your website.

Ethical Breeder Policies on Your Website.

Have an "Ethical Breeder Policies" on the breeder's website.

Keep Records Related to Puppies Produced.

Keep complete and accurate records for each puppy produced, immunizations given using the ResearchBreeders.com free database or other acceptable database.

Utilize RBC's Purchaser Database

RBC has a breeder database which allows the breeder to keep records related to the purchasers of their puppies. The database also keeps contact information and the ability to mass email purchasers to stay in touch.

Microchip All Puppies Prior To Placement

It is very important to protect the health and safety of the animals produced. Purchasers need to provide security to protect their puppies. Add the cost of microchips to the purchase price if necessary. This should be a part of the breeder's purchase contract.



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