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Canine Diseases and Disorders

ResearchBreeder.com is Pleased to Provide this list of Canine Diseases and Disordersnew sign ID 33314

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Information included in this database includes, Disease or Disorder Name, Description, How Transferred, What to look for, How the condition is transferred, Treatment, Veterinary Information, Breeding Concerns, and a list of the breeds known to be affected. This is an invaluable tool to assist breeders in their breeding programs and the public to help determine possible diagnosis of their dogs.

Click on the column headings to list column in the desired order.  Click twice on a heading to reverse order.

ID Name Type Disease Abbreviation Known Breeds Affected
280 Acanthosis Nigricans Skin ANx Dachshund
281 Acral Lick Dermatitis (lick granuloma) Skin ALDx Doberman pinscher German shepherd Irish setter Labrador retriever Great Dane
282 Acral Mutilation Syndrome Skin AMSx German shorthaired pointer Pointer (English pointer)
243 Atopy Immune ATPYx Shar-pei (Chinese shar-pei) Bichon frise Boston terrier Boxer Cairn terrier Cocker spaniel, American Dalmatian English setter Fox terrier, wire hair Golden retriever Irish setter Labrador retriever Lhasa apso Poodle, miniature Pug Schnauzer, miniature Scottish terrier West Highland white terrier American pit bull terrier Norwich terrier Skye terrier
177 Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) Cardiovascular ASDx Boxer Doberman pinscher Old English sheepdog Samoyed
277 Brachycephalic Syndrome Respiratory BRACS English (British) bulldog French bulldog Lhasa apso Pekingese Pug Shar-pei (Chinese shar-pei) Shih tzu Cavalier King Charles spaniel Staffordshire bull terrier
244 Bullous Pemphigoid Immune BPx Collie (rough and smooth)
283 Canine Acne Skin CACx NA
165 Canine cyclic hematopoiesis Blood CCH Collie
197 Cataracts Eye CATRx Basenji Beagle Bearded collie Bedlington terrier Belgian sheepdog Belgian Tervuren Bichon frise Border collie Border terrier Boston terrier Bouvier des Flandres Brussels Griffon Cairn terrier Cavalier King Charles spaniel Chesapeake Bay retriever Chow chow Clumber spaniel Cocker spaniel, American Cocker spaniel, English Collie (rough and smooth) Curly coated retriever Dachshund Dalmatian Doberman pinscher English springer spaniel English toy spaniel Flat-coated retriever Fox terrier, smooth Fox terrier, wire hair German shepherd German shorthaired pointer Golden retriever Gordon setter Great Dane Havanese Irish setter Irish water spaniel Irish wolfhound Japanese Chin Labrador retriever Lhasa apso Mastiff Newfoundland Norfolk terrier Norwegian elkhound Norwich terrier Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever Old English sheepdog Papillon Parson (Jack) Russell terrier Pekingese Pembroke Welsh corgi Poodle, miniature Poodle, standard Portuguese water dog Rottweiler Saint Bernard Samoyed Schnauzer, miniature Schnauzer, standard Scottish terrier Shar-pei (Chinese shar-pei) Shetland sheepdog Shih tzu Siberian husky Soft coated wheaten terrier Staffordshire bull terrier Tibetan spaniel Tibetan terrier Welsh springer spaniel West Highland white terrier Whippet Yorkshire terrier Affenpinscher American Staffordshire terrier American water spaniel Bluetick coonhound Borzoi Boxer Field spaniel French bulldog German wirehaired pointer Ibizan hound Keeshond Kerry blue terrier Kuvasz Lakeland terrier Lowchen Manchester terrier Miniature pinscher Neapolitan mastiff Pointer (English pointer) Pomeranian Poodle, toy Pug Puli Rhodesian ridgeback Schipperke Sealyham terrier Silky terrier Sussex spaniel
253 Cerebellar abiotrophy(ataxia) Nervous System CAx Airedale terrier Australian kelpie Beagle Bernese mountain dog Border collie Brittany Bull mastiff Chow Chow Collie (rough and smooth) Coton de tulear Gordon setter Irish setter Kerry blue terrier Labrador retriever Old English sheepdog Parson (Jack) Russell terrier Poodle, miniature Rhodesian ridgeback Samoyed Harrier
254 Cerebellar Hypoplasia Nervous System CHYPx Chow Chow Irish setter
228 Cervical vertebral instability (Wobbler syndrome) Musculoskeletal WOBLR Doberman pinscher Great Dane Basset hound Beagle Borzoi Boxer Bull mastiff Chow chow Fox terrier, smooth Fox terrier, wire hair German shepherd Great Pyrenees Irish setter Irish wolfhound Labrador retriever Old English sheepdog Rhodesian ridgeback Rottweiler Golden retriever
255 Chiari-like malformation (CM) and syringomyelia (SM) Nervous System CLMx Cavalier King Charles spaniel Brussels Griffon Chihuahua
214 Chronic Hepatitis Gastrointestinal CHx Bedlington terrier Cocker spaniel, American Cocker spaniel, English Doberman pinscher Skye terrier West Highland white terrier Scottish terrier
215 Cleft lip/palate Gastrointestinal CPx Boston terrier Brittany Cocker spaniel, American Dachshund English (British) bulldog French bulldog German shepherd Labrador retriever Pekingese Pointer (English pointer) Schnauzer, miniature Shih tzu American pit bull terrier English toy spaniel
166 Coagulation disorders Blood CDx Boxer Cocker spaniel, American English springer spaniel Great Pyrenees Kerry blue terrier Poodle, miniature Saint Bernard Parson (Jack) Russell terrier
198 Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) Eye CEAx Border collie Collie (rough and smooth) Shetland sheepdog Australian shepherd
284 Colour Dilution Alopecia Skin CDAx Bernese mountain dog Chihuahua Chow chow Doberman pinscher Irish setter Miniature pinscher Poodle, standard Saluki Schipperke Shetland sheepdog Whippet Yorkshire terrier Dachshund Portuguese water dog Silky terrier
245 Complement Deficiency Immune CDx Brittany

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