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Genetic Diseases and Other Disorders

Research by Breed

This function allows you to select a Breed and Type of Disease and then a list of all known genetic and non-genetic disorders. You can click on items in the list and see how the disease or disorder is transferred, symptoms, diagnosis factors, treatment, and breeding considerations.  This is an invaluable tool to assist you in caring for your dog as well as a knowledge base for learning.

ID Known Breeds Affected Name
315 Dalmatian Bichon frise Black Russian terrier Dachshund English (British) bulldog Irish terrier Large Munsterlander Lhasa apso Newfoundland Parson (Jack) Russell terrier Poodle, miniature Schnauzer, giant Schnauzer, miniature Sough African Boerboel Weimaraner Yorkshire terrier Cavalier King Charles spaniel Dandie Dinmont Terrier Mastiff Shih tzu Urolithiasis (stones)
314 Basenji Border terrier Labrador retriever Norwegian elkhound Fanconi Syndrome
313 Bernese mountain dog Bull terrier Cocker spaniel, English Doberman pinscher Lhasa apso Norwegian elkhound Pembroke Welsh corgi Rottweiler Samoyed Shar-pei (Chinese shar-pei) Shih tzu Soft coated wheaten terrier Golden retriever Schnauzer, miniature Familial Kidney Disease
312 American Staffordshire terrier Beagle Cocker spaniel, American German shorthaired pointer Miniature pinscher Norwegian elkhound Disorders of Sexual Development - Sexual Reversal
311 Boxer Cairn terrier Chihuahua Dachshund English (British) bulldog Maltese terrier Old English sheepdog Pekingese Pomeranian Poodle, miniature Poodle, toy Schnauzer, miniature Shetland sheepdog Yorkshire terrier Lakeland terrier Cryptorchidism, Retained Testicle
310 Alaskan malamute Doberman pinscher Great Dane Samoyed Siberian husky American pit bull terrier Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis
309 Belgian Tervuren Doberman pinscher German shepherd Rottweiler Vitiligo
308 Cocker spaniel, American Labrador retriever Vitamin A-Responsive Dermatosis
307 Basset hound Cocker spaniel, American English springer spaniel West Highland white terrier Dachshund Doberman pinscher German shepherd Irish setter Labrador retriever Shar-pei (Chinese shar-pei) Seborrhea
306 Poodle, standard Akita Chow chow Cocker spaniel, American Poodle, miniature Poodle, toy Samoyed Vizsla Weimaraner Collie (rough and smooth) Dachshund Dalmatian Doberman pinscher German shepherd Golden retriever Irish setter Labrador retriever Lhasa apso Maltese terrier Miniature pinscher Old English sheepdog Pomeranian Saint Bernard Scottish terrier Shih tzu Sebaceous Adenitis
305 Schnauzer, miniature Schnauzer Comedo Syndrome
304 German shepherd Renal Cystadenocarcinoma and Nodular Dermatofibrosis
303 English springer spaniel Psoriasiform-Iichenoid Dermatosis
302 American water spaniel Boston terrier Chihuahua Dachshund Greyhound Manchester terrier Portuguese water dog Whippet Pattern Paldness
301 Poodle, miniature Poodle, standard West Highland white terrier Malassezia Dermatitis/Otitis
300 German shorthaired pointer Lupoid Dermatosis
299 Bull terrier Lethal Acrodermatitis
298 Doberman pinscher Parson (Jack) Russell terrier West Highland white terrier American pit bull terrier Cavalier King Charles spaniel Golden retriever Ichthyosis
297 German shepherd Footpad Disorder in the German Shepherd
296 Basset hound Dachshund Doberman pinscher Gordon setter Irish water spaniel Papillon Portuguese water dog Saluki Schipperke Bearded collie Parson (Jack) Russell terrier Pointer (English pointer) Siberian husky Follicular Dysplasias
295 English (British) bulldog English springer spaniel Neapolitan mastiff Pekingese Pug Shar-pei (Chinese shar-pei) Bloodhound Boston terrier Cocker spaniel, American Fold Dermatitis/Pyoderma
294 Epidermolysis Bullosa
293 West Highland white terrier Epidermal Dysplasia
292 Poodle, miniature Whippet Ectodermal Defect
291 Rhodesian ridgeback Boxer Shih tzu Kerry blue terrier Yorkshire terrier Dermoid Sinus
290 Collie (rough and smooth) Shetland sheepdog Australian cattle dog German shepherd Kuvasz Chow Chow Pembroke Welsh corgi Dermatomyositis and Ulcerative Dermatosis
289 American Staffordshire terrier Shar-pei (Chinese shar-pei) Afghan hound American pit bull terrier Beagle Boston terrier Boxer Bull terrier Chihuahua Collie (rough and smooth) Dachshund Dalmatian Doberman pinscher English (British) bulldog German shepherd Great Dane Old English sheepdog Pointer (English pointer) Pug Rottweiler Staffordshire bull terrier Lhasa apso Pharaoh hound Demodicosis/ Demodectic mange
288 Dalmatian Dalmatian Bronzing Syndrome
287 Shar-pei (Chinese shar-pei) Cutaneous Mucinosis
286 Boxer Dachshund English springer spaniel German shepherd Greyhound Pembroke Welsh corgi Saint Bernard Australian kelpie Beagle English setter Irish setter Keeshond Manchester terrier Schnauzer, miniature Soft coated wheaten terrier Cutaneous Asthenia (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome)

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