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  • Type Disease
  • Name
    Psoriasiform-Iichenoid Dermatosis
  • Abbreviation
  • Description
    This is a rare and harmless skin condition that affects English springer spaniels under 2 to 3 years of age. Dogs with psoriasiform-lichenoid dermatosis develop wart-like bumps on their inner ear and/or abdomen.
  • How Transferred
  • What to Look for
    This condition will not affect the health of your dog, only his or her appearance. Dogs with this condition develop reddened or yellowish wart-like bumps on their inner ear flaps and groin, and eventually on their face and abdomen.
  • Diagnosis
    A skin biopsy is necessary to make the diagnosis. This is a simple procedure, done with local anesthetic, in which your veterinarian removes a small sample of your dog's skin for examination by a veterinary pathologist. The biopsy will show changes characteristic of this condition.
  • Treatment
    There has been little success with treatment. The condition tends to wax and wane.
  • Breeding Considerations
    It is recommended that affected dogs not be bred.
  • Known Breeds Affected
    English springer spaniel

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Known Breeds Affected

Type Disease