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ResearchBreeder.com Deposit Agreements and Purchase Contracts


Managing the process of receiving deposits from puppy buyers and then filling out contracts, copying them, mailing or emailing to buyers, and documenting which puppy goes to which buyer can be very cumbersome. And then in the middle of the process a change is made, a different puppy is chosen, an additional buyer name needs to be added.  When all of the puppies are in the arms of their new owners, files need to be set up, registrations sent, filing completed.

So why not make your life easier? Why not let ResearchBreeder.com help you?  Why not automate the data management? Why do you fill out your contract with the buyer name, contract information, email it to them, and wait for them to sign it and mail it back to you?  Then you have to call and followup. Why not let them provide the information for their contract online and sign their deposit agreement and contract electronically?  Why not let the buyer be responsible? 

Then after the entire process is over, what about staying in contact with your buyers, checking on your puppies?  And what about helping with selling future litters. What if you could notify your previous buyers of new litters? What about a kennel newsletter with news about your breed, upcoming shows, new health concerns for your breed?

ResearchBreeder.com has created a system to help you do all of these things and perhaps the best news is it's free! It is included in your membership which is only $25.00 per year!

Okay, let's see how all this happens.

The Process

  1. We customize your Puppy Deposit Agreement and Contracts for "Show" and "Pet" purchases specifically for you and your kennel.
  2. You put a link on your website or Facebook page or just save it so you can email it to potential buyers.
  3. A buyer clicks on the link and the form appears.
  4. The buyer fills the form out and clicks on SUBMIT.
  5. You receive an email instantly informing you about the form being filled out and a copy of the form.
  6. You receive a PDF documenting every field on the form to document and save for your records.
  7. Buyer receives a Thank You email from you, thanking them for submitting their deposit or basic contract information.
  8. Buyer receives a PDF documenting every field on the form to document and save for their records.
  9. You receive a PayPal notification of a deposit. Yippee, MONEY!
  10. Puppies are whelped.
  11. You are very tired!
  12. You log in to your account at ResearchBreeder.com
  13. You add what ever information you want to the buyer's record like puppy number, ribbon color, registered name, or maybe even an additional buyer name.
  14. You and your buyer receive an email documenting what was added or changed.
  15. Buyer pays the balance of their purchase price.
  16. You make change in the buyer record.
  17. The buyer receives receipt in an email automatically.
  18. An email is automatically sent to the buyer informing them of the change in status.
  19. You receive an email from ResearchBreeder.com documenting the change for your records.
  20. The buyer comes and picks up the puppy or the puppy is shipped.
  21. You modify the buyer record documenting the delivery.
  22. The buyer is added to your newsletter mailing list.
  23. Four times a year your buyers receive a newsletter customized with your kennel name with current news information for dog owners and your contact information.

What Buyers See When They Fill Out a Form

Note: Please keep in mind ALL forms and functions are customized for you and your kennel free of charge. 

Click on one of the following links to see what a puppy buyer fills out.

Contract Sample to Purchase a "Show" Puppy.

Contract for Purchase of a Pet

Deposit for the Purchase of a Dog

What Buyers See After The fill out a Form

Contract Sample Screen and Buyer Email of Notification to Purchase a "Show" Puppy.

Contract Sample Screen and Buyer Email of Notification for Purchase of a Pet

Deposit Sample Screen and Buyer Email for the Purchase of a Dog