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The National Dog Directory Profanity, Political Statements and Blocking Policies

Profanity Policy

We want all our members to have a positive experience in The National Dog Directory Community. As such, we don’t allow members to use language that we consider to be defamatory, offensive, or that could be seen as abuse or harassment.

TNDDC doesn't allow the use of hateful, offensive, profane, or vulgar language anywhere in the website. This includes Profiles, Pages, Groups, Events, Videos, Audio, Photos, Conversations, and more.

Defamatory language (language or comments that could be considered harmful to the reputation of another TNDDC member) is strictly prohibited on TNDDC. Profanity also includes abbreviations for words like "H..ing", "ju$%^&(*(&%#" etc.

  • If someone left you abusive or profane feedback, contact us to report the feedback.
  • If you've come across language you believe is offensive, please report itto us.
  • If another member has made comments about you that you consider defamatory, or if you've received offensive or abusive messages from another TNDDC member, report the member to us.

If you've received messages which you consider threatening and are worried about your safety, we recommend contacting your local law enforcement agency.

Political Statements Policy

The National Dog Directory does not allow ANY political or politically related statements of ANY kind.  This policy includes but is not limited to Profiles, Pages, Groups, Events, Videos, Audio, Photos, Conversations, and more.  The National Dog Directory is about DOGS not politics, politicians, or political statements.  Once again, this site is about dogs, not politics.

The simplist method of determining if a comment, statement, observation you might make is to ask yourself, "Could this statement be considered to be political in any nature?"  If the answer is yes, then don't do it.  If you are not sure, DON'T make it.  If you think it might be ok, it isn't. If you are attempting to be funny and think it is ok, it isn't.

Sexual Abuse Policy

The National Dog Directory does not allow ANY form of sexualy related posts, pictures, video, audio or any other form in any way.  Users found to be in violation of this policy will be blocked immediately and without warning 

Blocking Policy

Any user violating these policies shall be blocked from access and use of The National Dog Directory and Community. Blocking is at the sole discretion of the administration and management of The National Dog Directory.  If you are blocked, you will not be eleigible for a refund for any monies paid to The National Dog Directory.

This site is about dogs. Individuals attempting to use this site in any way not determined to be related by The National Dog Directory and Community will be blocked.

By clicking the "ENTER" button you acknowledge the Profanity, Political Statements, and Blocking policies, and agree to hold The National Dog Directory Community harmless from any action(s) taken as the result of these policies.