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ResearchBreeder.com Genetic Tests - Mastiff

Most national breed clubs have created a list of recommended genetic tests and health screenings forCertifideBreeder300 dogs used in the breeding process. Breeders completing these recommended tests may apply for a special designation for the dog providing the dog has a permanent tattoo or microchip, all recommended tests have been completed, the taking of the tests are recorded in a publicly available database, and specific tests requiring dogs to be retested on a chronological bases have been completed.  The Canine Health Information Center or "CHIC" designation is also associated with the American Kennel Club or "AKC".  Please note the passing of any tests is not a requirement prior to being used in the breeding process. ResearchBreeder.com supports the CHIC program and encourages breeders to participate.

The tests and screenings listed below represent those required to meet CHIC qualification.   ResearchBreeder.com has created a separate designation for those breeders agreeing to follow CHIC guidelines and to only use dogs in the breeding process which have received passing results for the tests prior to being used in the breeding process.  Breeders meeting this requirement receive the ResearchBreeder.com Certification and are awarded the  "Certified Breeder" designation.  This designation is not a guarantee dog buyers of a healthy puppy but it DOES indicate the breeder has received the highest designation achievable in the industry.

Recommended Tests for this Breed Include

  • Hip Dysplasia or PennHip Evaluation
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Eye Examination by a board certified ACVO Ophthalmologist
  • Advanced Cadiac Exam - ECHO Only
  • Autoimmune Throiditis

If you see no information related to a specific test then the test has not been completed or recorded. Use the "Filter" box which searches all columns. Click on a column heading to sort by the heading. Click twice to reverse order.

Kennel Name Registered Name Sex AKC Registration # UKC Registration # Other Registrar Other Registration # Microchip #
Ruairi's Irish Setters and Irish Red and White Setters Ruairi's Worthy Of Recognition Male SR95145109 956000005258421
Dillon's Irish Setters Rauiri's Broncos Drive for the Goal Male SR7860302 45388jkyugl789
Dillon's Irish Setters Registered Name 2 Male SR27364801 123586947
Dillon's Irish Setters Registered Name Male 938475601 83434
Dillon's Irish Setters Ruairi's Broncos Drive for the goal Male 43685748
Ruairi's Irish Setters and Irish Red and White Setters Ruairis Bronchos Drive for the Goal Male