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Product Terms of Use

Vendor Products

Use this function to to find products from our list of Exceptional Vendors.  Exceptional Breeders go through an approval process including a review of the recommendations they provide by telephone.  In addition, any complaints about their products are reviewed and must be resolved to the satisfaction of the purchaser of their products. We also give the purchasers to review the products of the breeders. When a review is received our staff is notified and responds as necessary.

Warranty Notice and Terms of Use

ResearchBreeder.com does not warranty any of the products on this site.  Further, ResearchBreeder.com does not endorse any vendor in this system. Users of this system agree to "Hold Harmless" ResearchBreeder.com in the event of any issue related to the products listed on this site and purchased from vendors associated with the products purchased.

Use the search box to search for the desired product.  You may click on the column heading to have data sorted according to the item information. Clicking on the column heading a second time will reverse the sort order.. Click on the desired line to see the detail related to the products. The detailed information includes the contact information for the vendor and website if available. 

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