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Puppy Waiting List

Do you want a puppy from a specific breed?  Can't find a puppy? 

Then get on this list!

ResearchBreeder.com will help you find your next family member.  Get on the list and the next time a breeder has a litter you will get an email! Now how great is that?  Stay on the list as long as you want and then turn off notifications.

You do need to be a registered user on ResearchBreeder.com to be able to get on this list.  Click on the "Register" button at the top of the screen  or click on the "NEW" button to add yourself to our Puppy Waiting List.

ID First Name Last Name Email Address Breed
2331 Ann Lechinger annlechinger@gmail.com Dogue De Bordeaux
1476 Katherine Swann Paradise Paradise4011@comcast.net Bull Terrier
1475 Miguel Martín moresocialclub@gmail.com Alaskan Malamute
1394 Joe Smith joesmith@aol.com Basset Fauve De Bretagne
1368 Bruce DILL BRUCE@BRUCEDILL.COM Australian Terrier