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ResearchBreeder.com Ultimate Purebred Breeder (1 Year Membership)

Includes unlimited test results filings and webpage

Price: 25.00 USD

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Membership Includes

Record Unlimited Genetic Test Results and Clearances for Free!

  • FREE!!!
  • Record results and clearances for all tests for all of your dogs for free
  • Record previous litters and dog registrations for free
  • Included in membership price (Unbelievable!) 

Automated Contracts and Purchase Agreements

  • Contracts for Show Dogs
  • Contracts fo Pets
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Stud Dogs
  • Integrated to your mailoing list at ResearchBreeder.com

Puppy Waiting List

  • People wanting a puppy of your breed will automatically be notified when you post a litter.

Online Buyer Questionnaires

  • Receive them automatically from interested buyers
  • Data goes in to your personal database

ResearchBreeder.com Web-page

  • See Sample
  • Welcome Information
  • Contact Information
  • Kennel History
  • Enter 4 Featured Males with Pictures
  • Enter 4 Featured Females with Pictures
  • Enter Upcoming Litters
  • Enter Kennel News
  • Enter Files for Users to Download

Track Your Litters

  • Sire/Dam Information
  • Number of Puppies
  • Available Puppies
  • Litter Theme
  • More

Track Your Puppies

  • Sire/Dam Information
  • Ribbon Color
  • Initial Vaccinations
  • Availability
  • Ownership Transfer

Ownership Transfers

  • Buyer Tracking
  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email
  • Purchase date
  • Purchase price

National Dog Directory Membership

  • Ability to enter all of your dogs
  • Ability to change a dog's status to "Lost"
  • Automatic Posting in State Groups
  • Automatic Posting in County Groups
  • All Rescues in the state where you lost your dog are notified
  • Veterinarian notification
  • Texting to all dog owners in area
  • Access to List of lost dogs
    • By State
    • By County
    • By City
    • By Neighborhood
  • Access to List Found Dogs
    • By State
    • By County
    • By City
    • By Neighborhood

Breeder Membership in DogBook

  • DogBook is Facebook for dog owners
  • Your Own Breeder Page
  • Post your status
  • Upload pictures, videos and more
  • Meet other "Dog" people
  • No politics allowed
  • No profanity allowed
  • You have the ability to create your own page to inform dog owners of your services. You will also have access to the Dogs for Sale and Free Groups in The National Dog Directory. There is a group for each state in the United States.

Approved Breeder Advertising

  • One listing in ResearchBreeder.com's Certified Breeder's List

MyDogChart Database

  • Enter all Dog Information
  • Enter veterinarians
  • Vet visits
  • Medications
  • Diet
  • Exercise plans
  • Emergency contact information
  • Boarding information
    • Emails information the boarding kennel automatically
    • Emails information the to your vet with medical authorization and contact information including trip itinerary automatically
  • Expenses


** The National Dog Directory network is NOT associated with Facebook.