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Welcome to ResearchBreeder.com's Purebred Rescue Page

This Database Will Help You find Purebred Dogs Available from National Breed Club Rescue

If you are looking for a purebred dog for yourself or your family you should consider a rescue dog. ResearchBreeder.com providdes this database free of charge to national breed rescue organizations.  You can click on the heading for each coloumn to sort the data by that column.  If you click on the column again the order will be reversed.

Thank you for considering a purebred rescue dog.

Name Breed Rescue Website Rescue Email DogsAvailable
Maremma Sheepdog Club of America Maremma Sheepdog http://www. No
Havana Silk Dog Association of America http://www. No
Estrela Mountain Dog Asociation Estrela Mountain Dog http://www. No
Caucasian Shepherd http://www. No
Bracco Italiano Bracco Italiano http://www. No
Biewer Terrier http://www. No
American Belgian Laekenois Association Belgian Laekenois Yes
Golden Retriever Club of America Golden Retriever http://www. No
The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America Yorkshire Terrier
Xoloitzcuintli Club of America Xoloitzcuintli
Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America Wirehaired Vizsla
American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
American Wire Fox Terrier Club Wire Fox Terrier
American Whippet Club Whippet
West Highland White Terrier Club of America West Highland White Terrier
The Welsh Terrier Club of America Welsh Terrier
Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America Welsh Springer Spaniel
Weimaraner Club of America Weimaraner
Vizsla Club of America Vizsla Yes
National Treeing Walker Coonhound Association Treeing Walker Coonhound