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Rescue/Adoption Application Requirements for Membership

Your Rescue Will Need This Information

1) Complete Contact Information:  Name, Address, Phone, fax, email, contact person, website

2) Legal: Date of Incorporation, type of nonprofit status, TAX ID #

3) Physical Location, Geographic Area of Services, Mission Statement

4) Daily hours of operation

5) Physical Facility Description and maximum dogs allowed for your facility

6) Donation Information, who to contact and phone numbers

7) Kennel contacts and phone numbers

8) Normal Adoption Fee Amount

9) Statement to be included on your adoption listings.

Sample: "Our rescue/Adoption agency reserves the right to deny any application that is deemed unsuitable for the animal. Please be aware that our animal adoptions are NOT on a first come- first serve basis. Our sole purpose is to find the best possible home for the animals that fall under our care."

10) You must have a link on your website to Http://www.ResearchBreeder.com

NOTE: You must be a registered user of this website to be able to complete the application.


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