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The Ultimate Dog Rescue Website

ResearchBreeder.com supports the rescue industry  by developing websites, hosting websites,  building databases, creating reports and much more. Rescues usually do not have the expertise or budget for high quality Information Technology.  Being non-profits and dealing with volunteers means turnover, training, retraining, and retraining.  Our IT department knows this business and can provide the highest quality of product.  They have been doing it for 30 years.  Everyone at ResearchBreeder.com is also a "Dog" person so we understand.

With our system for rescues you will receive all of the benefits on this page for $60.00 per month.  It is pretty obvious we do not make any profit on this service.  We just want to help.

Let us help you doing what we do best and you do what you do best.  Reduce costs and accomplish your goals of placing dogs in loving homes.


1) Create website - The purpose of your website is to assist you place dogs, provide information, encourage people to become a part of your caring team of individuals, and donate financially.  We have created a website accomplishing these functions and more.

2) Website Hosting - Your Site will be hosted at Siteground.com. Siteground is one of the world's largest hosting company.  You will receive the benefit of being associated with our large association with dedicated servers, fast access time. Siteground provides us 24/7/365 service.  We love them.  By the way, the cost of hosting your rescue website is part of the the $60.00 per month fee.

3) Online forms - The following forms have already been created and can be modified at no additional costs specifically for your rescue. Where applicable, emails are sent to the person submitting the form acknowledging receipt. Copies of forms are also emailed to the appropriate department of your rescue.

Adoption Applications, Foster Applications, Volunteer Applications, Donations, Gala Attendees, Membership Applications, Sponsor Applications, Mailing lists, Personal Pet Releases, Surrender Forms, Vaccinations, Behavior Assessments, Medical Procedures, Transfer Organizations, News, Veterinarians, Meetings, Agendas, Silent Auctions, Golf Outing Player Signup and more.

4) Databases - All data from forms is transferred to the appropriate databases.  For example, all dogs are in a database which can be browsed and sorted by users to help them find the dog they want. If a dog is adopted the status changes so the public only sees available dogs.  Adoption Applications data goes to a database and can be accessed as necessary.  We do this for all forms.

5) Free Data Storage - Unlike companies providing the ability to let you design forms and then they store them and charge you monthly fees, we store all of your data and do it for free.  You can also download all of your data to Excel

6) Online Store - Your store allows you to sell things like T-Shirts but we also designed it to let people buy their tickets for your gala, etc.  This is very helpful because we can then track income.  All income goes directly to your PayPal account.

7) Online Calendar - Our calendar allows you to track multiple types of dates like events and meetings but there can be multiple types of access so for example the kennel schedule can be added to allowing volunteers to access their schedule but it isn't available to the public. 

8) Website Slideshow - This promotes your dogs.  We show you how to add your dogs, pictures and data.

9) Website Maintenance - We will maintain your site including change things like updating when offices and staff change so you don't have to learn how to do it yourself and we do it with no charge to you.  

10) Reports - Keeping your board up to date is very important.  We have designed reports to easily let you and your board know up to date information on adoptions, new fosters, current dog list, etc.  Need a new report? We write it, install it and show you how to use it for free. Reports Include Adoptions, Available Dogs, Kennel Tags, Intake, Foster to Adopt, Returned to Owner, Foster to Hospice, Medical, and Incident.

11) COMING SOON - Newsletters!  To help rescues keep their supporters know what is going on in their rescue we are creating an automated newsletter system which is customized for you.

12) Support - Unlimited and Free!

Ask Jackie

Jackie Murski

Jackie Murski  is the president of BARKRescue.  We installed the website two years ago.  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask her about what we have done for BARKRescue.org.