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The National Dog Directory is Here!

Patent Pending

ResearchBreeder.com is proud to announce the creation of The National Dog Directory. Now dog owners can improve the chances of finding their loving companions quicker and return them to the safety of home. Loosing a dog is very traumatic to the owner and often to the dog who is lost, can't find their way home and the safety provided by a loving, caring owner.

Registration is FREE!

Dog owners can register their dogs for free. Registration is not limited. You get every tool available to help find your dogs. There are no hidden fees.  You must be a registered user on ResearchBreeder.com and subscribe to the membership of your choice.

How The National Dog Directory Works

1) Register as a user on ResearchBreeder.com

  • See the "Register" button in the upper right corner of this screen.


2) Pick the type membersip you want 

  • Choose Membership
  • Note 1: If you selected a membership requiring a payment then you must pay for your membership before you can use the system
  • Note 2: You will receive Payment Verification for your payment BUT our system must also process and approve your membership. You will receive an email when your membership is approved.


3) Enter your dogs.


4) If your dog is lost, simply change the status of your dog to "Lost".

  • Choose "Change Dog Status" 
  • Emails are automatically sent to other dog owners in your area asking them to be on the lookout for your dog.
  • Emails are sent to other residents in the area.
  • If you entered your veterinarian email address, then your vet will be notified.*
  • Registered rescue organizations in your area will be sent an email about your dog.
  • SMS messages are sent to individuals in your area. **
  • Posts are made to The National Dog Directory Community groups. 


5) Your dog is found!

  • You change the status on your dog to indicate it is no longer lost.


But I Don't Have a Dog!


What About Rescue Organizations?

  • Rescue organizations are registering to help return dogs to owners.


I Found a Dog!

  • Register as a "User" (See the "Register" button in the upper right corne of this screen)
  • Log In (See the "Login" button in the upper right corne of this screen)
  • Enter the information related to the dog you found.
  • Notifications as indicated above will be sent and posted.


Donations Are Appreciated

  • There is presently no charge for registering dogs, reporting them lost, or receiving any notifications.  The cost of maintaining this service is generously underwritten by ResearchBreeder.com. Please help us if you can. 

* Under development

** Only available for the "10 for 10" and "Standard" Memberships