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The National Dog Directory

The National Dog Directory (TNDD) was created to assist in the process of helping to return lost dogs to their owners. In the past, when your dog acceidently got out of your home or yard, you frantically, searched the neighborhood. You got in your ccar a drove for hours. You put up signs, you called or knocked on the doors of neighbors. You did all you could to find your lost family member and return your pet to the safety of your home.

Now there is a new and valuable to assist you in your efforts to find your dog and bring them home.

The National Dog Directory will help you in the process of finding your dog. It is a valuable and time saving tool in the process. TNDD automates notifications and gets the word out to neighbors, other dog owners, and makes posts on social networks saving you time.  If you found a dog TNDD provides you a way to help you notify owners of lost dogs in your area and return the dog home.  

How The National Dog Directory Works

1) Register as a user on ResearchBreeder.com

2) Enter your dogs.

3) If your dog is lost, simply change the status of your dog to "Lost".

  • Emails are automatically sent to other dog owners in your area asking them to be on the lookout for your dog.
  • Emails are sent to other residents in the area.
  • An email is sent to your vet
  • Registered rescue organizations in your area will be sent an email about your dog.
  • SMS messages are sent to all individuals who elect to receive notifications
  • Facebook posts are made to The National Dog Directory page you have chosen.
  • Facebook Posts are made to the pages of registered individuals in your area.

4) Your dog is found!

5) You change the status on your dog to indicate it is no longer lost.

But I Don't Have a Dog!

Register as a neighbor.  Enter your contact information and you can receive notifications and help get dogs back to their owners.  We need your help.

What About Rescue Organizations?

Rescue organizations are registering to help return dogs to owners. Registered Rescue organizations in your state will be notified.

I Found a Dog!

If you find a dog and you are not a dog owner, then simply enter the information about your dog and where you found it and notifications to the area neighborsand dog owners will be notified.  Notifications will also be made on our facebook pages.

Donations Are Appreciated

There is no charge for registering dogs, reporting them lost, or receiving any notifications.  The National Dog Directory is not about money. it is about reuniting dogs with their owners. The cost of maintaining this service is generously underwritten by ResearchBreeder.com. Please help us if you can.