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The Natonal Dog Directory Introductory Video


Hello there!

I’m Don.

Meet the Johnsons.

This is Aaron…..Megan………..Hazel……..and Ruby June.

And this is Jethro, their Golden Retriever.

As you can see, Jethro is the heart of this family.

Jethro is six years old.  He is really special.  Just look at how much the Johnson family loves Jethro.  You can tell Jethro loves being part of the Johnson family.

On Saturday, Jethro had dinner, took a bath and when the family went to bed, Jethro laid down for the night.

On Sunday morning, the Johnson's went to church and went out for brunch. 

When the Johnsons came home they noticed the gate was open.

Jethro was gone!

The search began. 

They went to the local print shop and had flyers made. It took hours to put the signs up around the neighborhood. They stapled the flyers on telephone poles and handed them out to businesses.

In the meantime Jethro was trying to find his way home.  He got so tired running.

He climbed up on a picnic table and laid down.  He was tired, dirty and sad.  He didn’t know if he would ever get home.

Jethro was Megan’s boy. She was heartbroken, exhausted, and didn’t know what else to do.

The next day, Markus and Ed were talking over the fence.  They are neighbors of the Jethro’s family, the Johnsons.  Ed told Markus that Jethro was missing.

Markus told his son Nathan. Nathan got on his computer and logged in to The National Dog Directory and within minutes word was getting out that Jethro was lost.

Jerry got an email from The National Dog Directory while surfing the net.

Mary saw the National Dog Directory post while relaxing in the park with her dog Poke.

Paul and Lifeflight were checking flight schedules when their email arrived.

John and Dudley were at the shelter ordering more dog food.

A few minutes later, Margaux was walking Sutton in the park when a text arrived.

Lost Dog, Jethro, near 58th and Urbana. Contact the Johnsons, 333-555-1234.

Craig and Millie got the same text while hanging out downtown.

Dick and Bailey were out for a walk when he received the text.

Jeannie was in the park with Cuddles when her text arrived.

Becky and Larry were enjoying the afternoon sun.  Becky was smiling because she recognized Jethro’s picture and knows Megan, Jethro’s mom.

Within a few hours Jethro was found.  Imagine how happy Megan was when she got the call from Becky.

And now, Jethro is safely home with the Johnson family.

The important thing about finding your lost dog is getting the word out.

Which method reaches more people, more dog owners, and more neighbors in the most efficient way?  How long would it take you to send out 2,000 text messages to dog owners and residents in your neighborhood?

Here is what happened next.

The Johnson family registered Jethro on The National Dog Directory (TNDD). The National Dog Directory is sponsored by ResearchBreeder.com and registration is free.

It only took a few minutes to register and the next time someone leaves the gate open, Jethro escapes for an adventure and ends up lost, all the Johnsons do is change Jethro’s status to lost, and immediately emails are sent, postings are made inspecific groups on National Dog Directory texts are sent to other neighborhood dog owners and neighbors, Jethro's vet was notified, and much more.

Let's take a look at exactly what happens.

1) Emails are sent to members in the zipcode where you live.

2) A post is made in the National Dog Directory Neighborhood Group where you live and group members notified.

3) A post is made in the National Dog Directory City Group where you live and group members notified.

4) A post is made in the National Dog Directory County Group where you live and group members notified.

5) A post is made in the National Dog Directory State Group where you live and group members notified.

6) Your Veterinarian is notiified your dog is lost. Afterall, if your dog needs care, you would want your vet to take care of your dog.

7) All rescue organizations in your state are notified. There is an average of 300 in each state.

8) Texts are sent to all individuals associated with the affected National Dog Directory Groups in cluding a picture of your dog.

9) Posts are made to the National Dog Directory social networks. Our networks include Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, Tumble, Flickr, and Google +. Total memberships? 2 Billion.

The National Dog Directory gets the word out!!!!

But what if your dog gets lost somewhere else? What if you are traveling or on vacation and your dog is with you?

Let's say you take a vacation to the Gulf coast, and you dog escapes. 

If this happens to you then all you do is enter the zip code where you lost your dog and.........

1) Emails go out to dog owners in the zip code

2) posts are made in the neighborhood, city, county and state

3) Your vet is notified

4) All rescue organizations in the state where you are are notified.

5) Texts are sent to all dog owners in the area where you lost your dog.

6) The National Dog Directory social network is notified.

Now as if this not enough to convince you that you should get a membership to the Natonal Dog Directory then also consider all memberships include "Dogbook". Dogbook is Facebook for dog owners.

"DogBookWorld" is The National Dog Directory social network. You will have a profile, can post pictures, videos, add friends, see events, buy and sell dog related merchandise, find a lists of puppies and dogs for sale, find a rescue organization, find a purebred breeder and so much more.

There is only one answer to the question, “Should you register your dogs on The National Dog Directory today?”  The answer is YES!!!!!!!!!

Find your way to The National Dog Directory.

Go to https://TheNationalDogDirectory.com

I suggest you check out our videos to learn how to register and choose your membership type.  There are free one year memberships available. No credit card is required.  Memberships are available for dog owners but also for rescue organizations, Dog Breeders, Veterinarians, and more.  

Currently, there is a special offer available for individual memberships.  You pay a one time fee of $10.00 and you can register as many dogs as you like for the rest of your life. Your $10.00 will help support the site, genetic research, underwrite our services for dog rescues and more. It is all about helping others. Help us help others with this limited offer.

Register your dogs today.