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Use These Videos to Help You Manage Your Rescue Organization

NOTE: The videos in this section are specific to rescue organizations with their own website.

Below you will find links to videos related to the management of rescue organizations.  ResearchBreeder.com provides assistance to rescue organizations to help reduce the number of dogs being euthanized because no homes can be found for them.  In addition, ResearchBreeder.com desires to reduce the number of genetically diseased purebred dogs which end up in rescue organizations. ResearchBreeder.com underwrites the costs of website development, forms creation, databases, website hosting, unlimited data storage, reports and support for $30.00 per month total cost to the rescue organization.

Front-end Videos

Front-end videos are designed for the visitors to your rescue website to assist them in their mission to accomplish things related to rescue. Primarily, thses videos help the user to know how to fill out forms.

The following videos will help users to fill out forms.

Adoption Applpication


Fostering Form

Gala Attendees

Golf Player Signup

Mailing List Signup

Membership Applications

Personal Pet Release

Sponsorsip Applications

Surrender Forms

Volunteer Applications

Volunteer Release Forms (for volunteers under the age of 18)