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Finding Healthy Puppies from Healthy Parents and Ethical Breeders

Research Dog Breeders to Find Healthy Puppies from Ethical Breeders

You are about to spend a lot of money on a puppy. Let us do your research for you! We are the experts! We do dog breeder background checks.


If you are looking for a competition purebred dog or a family pet you can use ResearchBreeder.com to help you. ResearchBreeder.com analyses data from the worlds leading laboratories and combines the research with information from breeders across our world.

Data indicates as of December 2016 there are 10,000 estimated puppy mills in the United States. This equates to two hundred (200) per state or three (3) per county. This also means there could be One (1) breeder for every AKC registered breed in every state in the United States. These numbers are staggering!

While ResearchBreeder.com supports the need for adopting dogs who need loving homes, there are those individuals who desire a purebred dog regardless of whether the dog is going to be a pet, a companion or a competition dog for confirmation, agility or field programs.  Unfortunately there are purebred breeders who are in fact breeding for income and not with the goal of improving the health of the breed.

The foundation of improving the health of a breed is testing. Every one of the approximately 200 AKC registered breeds has genetic health issues. Determining the likelihood of eradicating negative genetic traits research begins with testing.  However, without analyzing the results of tests and breeding programs, little can be done to actually improve breeds. Reasonably stated, this begins with purebred dogs. ResearchBreeder.com utilizes statistical analysis of the breeding programs of purebred breeders.

If you are a family looking for a dog with the least likely chance of health issues, you need to use this site to see the statistics of breeders you are considering to provide you or your family with the healthy puppy you long for.  Not all dogs in a litter are chosen for the show ring, the agility course or the field for hunting.  If you are a person who competes in the show ring, agility or field, you can use ResearchBreeder.com to help you determine where your next competition dog will come from.

Over the next months ResearchBreeder.com will be adding the data from laboratories in the United States and around the world to do all we can to help you reduce the possibility of health issues in your family pet, companion or competitive programs.

If you have thoughts or suggestions for this site please let us know.